Monday, 15 April 2013

Fighting monkeys at Artis

Seal - Artis

Lion cub - Artis

Sleeping Sea lions - Artis

Sea Lion - Artis

Hookoo monkey - Artis

Flamingo - Artis

Llama - Artis

Maned wolf - Artis

Silverback gorilla - Artis

Golden Eagle of Natura Artis Magistra

Dam Street - Amsterdam

Sunday, 24 March 2013

NEMO - Amsterdam

NEMO at night

Willow man's cave

Oreintal Garden

Dressed up moo moo Cow

Big Yellow shoe seater

Big Yellow Clogs - Amsterdam

Dressed up Tree - Floriade 2012

Famous shoes of Holland

Human Statue at Dam Square - Amsterdam

Red Clog on the wall - Amsterdam

Multi-coloured Tulips

Gassan diamonds

Orange Glass building - Amsterdam

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pink water Lotus

Wooden shoes in Holland

Trishul - Floriade 2012, Venlo

Vintage Cars exhibition - Floriade 2012

Vintage cars at Floriade 2012

Spathiphyllum - The Peace Lily

Liggend rond het water

Mixed Daisies

Bijenpaviljoen - Beehive

Creepy garden loungers

Contemporary garden furniture

7922 groenondernemers maken wonen natuurlijk - Garden dinning

The Dome at Floriade 2012

Yellow discs - Floriade 2012

Gigantic Garden shoes - Floriade 2012